Handling and positioning of heavy loads
Heavy cargo handling. Positioning of oversized loads
In addition to unloading process using car cranes and forklifts, special attention is paid to the so-called manual handling of heavy loads using a certified hydraulic system for lifting and horizontal movement of indivisible massive loads.
By using special hydraulic and mechanical cranes, we are trained for horizontal manipulation and positioning of various industrial and processing equipment according to the highest international standards.

This type of service is often the only feasible solution for the correct positioning of various equipment within production plants, warehouses, construction sites, etc. Examples include the following:
  • machines and machine plants,
  • different factory plants,
  • large metal and concrete structures,
  • cranes and cranes,
  • transformers,
  • large boilers or propulsion equipment,
  • presses of different specifications and dimensions
  • large agricultural machines,
  • ships or yachts,
  • turbines for thermal and hydro power plants,
  • windmill parts for wind farms and the like.


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